The Deities of Shard

While the world may have vastly changed, religions in Shard remained relatively stable for the first 800 years or so since the Night of Fire. Only in the last 200 years has Shard seen the introduction of new cults and gods. Most of these cults are fairly geographically isolated, confined to single islands or a cluster of islands.

The Cult of Mr. Cuthbert

With the release of Mr. Cuthbert’s Handbook for Adventuring, Meetings, Missives, and Extraplanar Rescues, the church of St. Cuthbert saw the explosion of a new cult, that of Mr. Cuthbert. While the church of St. Cuthbert remains relatively unchanged, the cult of Mr. Cuthbert focuses on practical applications of Lawful behavior, and tends to be a more worldly faith, focusing on the results of belief rather than the tiny divisions of theological debate.

The full text of the Handbook for Adventuring, Meetings, Missives, and Extraplanar Rescues was lost within days of being released in the great extraplanar city of Sigil. As a result, the cult has largely been focused on cross-referencing the extant fragments of the Handbook, hoping to reclaim the full measure of Mr. Cuthbert’s wisdom for the multiverse.


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